Meaning Of The “Mirror” Music Video By Lil Wayne (feat. Bruno Mars)

—This song is a illuminati song. he’s saying he’s done with the bad in his life, the illuminati & the gang. throughout the video there’s literally hundredsof signs and ILLUSIONS [ word referencing to ILLUMInATI, meaning that the illuminati creates illusions to fool us & those who refuse to believe]. some signs: wayne throws the red bandana down on the ground [which you are never to do]. throws up 666, above his eye. zooms in on his face showing”fear God”. he’s afraid of what God is thinking and might do. The mural on the wallshows Lucifer putting his head down on the far right. Wayne has black blood on one hand, red on the other, showing dualism, how he’s being troubled by choosing sides. Wayne throws white paint on the wall [white=peace] by trying to separate the opposing forces. Wayne shows a tattoo on his right arm saying “loyalty”. saying that tattoos are permanent, he haslet himself down. His tattoo of”slam” on the right side of his body [from our view, the left]. He has flames on his chest. [tattoo] he has a tattoo of a skull with dreads or hair. representing himself. He wipes his mouth on both sides with his red bandana saying its dirty. He puts “6” or “b” in the center of his eye [how he started out], rotates it [how his world changed], balls his fistup [how he wants to undo the damage, he wants to quit]. Themural of the devil on the wall starts to “bleed” or run, saying he is in some matter defeating the bad. He says “hesee the scars”. saying he regrets choices he made. He alludes to MJ because he was killed or sacrificed by the illuminati. Bruno mars stretcheshis arms out, above him wayneis dowing the same, “hanging on the cross”, giving himself toGod now. Wayne himself”hangs” hisself while standing up, with the paint on his hands, showing the blood that shows his fight. instead of being on a cross, he’s on a music note, saying that through music [just like tupac& MJ] he can expose the truth. “so why are we talking to eachother again” he’s saying “im done with you devil, stop trying to contact me”.


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